F/V Chrissy D. and Fortunate Son returning from sea.
Phone: 1-207-439-5779

Refund Policy

Please be sure to inspect your package immediately upon arrival to make sure the lobsters all show signs of movement (note that cold temperatures tend to make lobsters sluggish).

It is recommended that you cook your lobsters on the day of your delivery.

If a lobster is not moving and appears to be dead, do not cook or eat it.

All claims for refunds must be made in writing and faxed to 207-439-6425 on the day of arrival.

Claims received any time other than the day of your delivery will not be honored.

If we do not hear from you, we assume the lobsters have arrived alive and are under your care. We strongly recommend you cook them as soon as possible. We will not reimburse for animals that die while under your care. If you decide to hold them in the refrigerator you do so at your own risk.


Some tips:

If you plan on cooking your lobsters on the day of your delivery it is o.k. to leave them in their shipping box covered with the wet newspaper and gel packs.

If you are not planning on cooking your lobsters right away as recommended, you should place them in the storage bin of your refrigerator covered with the wet newspaper provided for up to 24 hours.

Never store live lobsters in salt or fresh water. They will die.

Pick the lobsters up by the body and not the claws or tail.

Leave the bands on their claws until you are ready to cook them.